Tuesday, October 11, 2011

5 Minute Hair-Do's for Children

Here are 5 simple ideas for 5 minute hair do's, for my little ones, I have learned over the years to help me get out of the door on time:

1.  Pony-tail. Don't under estimate the ponytail. It can be elegant yet very easy. Add a flower or bow to help make it look adorable.

2. The half way up look. Only putting up half of their hair can be a very cute style. Start with an off set part and then collect the hair that is above the ear line and either pin it back or use a rubberband to keep it in place. Accents are key to any hair-do so add either a flower or bow.

3. Simple twists. Using part of the hair in the front twist it up towards the back pinning it back with a couple bobby pins and then add a flower or bow.

4. The braid. Using just part of the hair in the front make a braid and then pin it back with a couple of bobby pins. Accent with a flower or bow.

5. Pig Tails. Pig tails are perfect for you little ones for most ages. Use an off centered/centered part and then create two evenly placed pig tails. Accent with a flower or bow.

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